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    • Localization of Objects in 3D Space by Using a Stereoscopic Video System 

      Fratavchan, Valerіi; Fratavchan, Tonia; Druchuk, Roman; Ababii, Victor (Technical University of Moldova, 2021)
      This article describes two implementation models of an artificial vision for specific tasks of localization of objects in three-dimensional space using a stereoscopic system of two cameras. The periscopic model provides ...
    • Pseudo Genetic Algorithm of Clustering For Linear and Ellipsoidal Clusters 

      Fratavchan, Valerіi; Fratavchan, Tonia; Ababii, Victor (2022-10)
      this article considers the method of clustering in the problems of pattern recognition when studying with a teacher in the case of n-dimensional numerical features. Clusters of linear and ellipsoidal forms that are optimal ...